Durifil ®

It is a high quality mixed Corespun line with excellent cost / benefit, where a core of high tenacity continuous polyester filaments with a coating made of long cotton fibers is used, which provide excellent resistance together with a good slip in the needle .

Safitex ®

It is a line composed of continuous filaments in high tenacity polyester, submitted to rigorous stretching processes and subsequently subjected to a very specific lubrication, in order to guarantee a good resistance and elasticity, as well as an excellent degree of sliding.

Starpoly ®

It is a Corespun line that combines the high tenacity continuous filament core with a fiber covering, both in Polyester.

Ecofil ®

The Ecofil® brand consists of a range of 100% Polyester threads, obtained by spinning staple fiber, with excellent characteristics in terms of regularity and uniformity of title, as a result of a careful spinning process. The Ecofil® lines are a product of excellent quality in its line class, advantages given to them by the uniformity […]