Ecofil ®

100% Poliéster

Galeria de Imagens

The Ecofil® brand consists of a range of 100% Polyester threads, obtained by spinning staple fiber, with excellent characteristics in terms of regularity and uniformity of title, as a result of a careful spinning process. The Ecofil® lines are a product of excellent quality in its line class, advantages given to them by the uniformity of the line and the line’s twist, good resistance to traction and friction, good elasticity and adequate lubrication. The technical characteristics of the Ecofil® lines give it excellent performance and profitability in sewing processes adjusted to its thread class. Ecofil® is a line specially developed for making garments in knits and finished fabrics, which, as a rule, is not intended to be subjected to pre-washes with wear.


  • Good resistance to traction and friction.
  • Good elasticity and adequate lubrication.
  • Wide range of colors at an affordable price.

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