Super Durifil ®

It is a premium Corespun line that combines a core of high tenacity polyester filaments with cotton fibers. This line was specially built with the purpose of being used in all types of clothing that is submitted to the dyeing process. In this type of clothing it was normal to use a traditional 100% cotton thread, but with this new range of threads for

Indigo Eco

This is a high quality Corespun mixed line with excellent value for money, in which a core of continuous high tenacity polyester filaments with a coating of long cotton fibers is used, which provide excellent strength as well that a good slip in the needle. Indigo Eco Free from harmful substances and certified according to OEKO-TEX certification standards, it gives the natural appearance of

Extra Cotton

Extra Cotton was developed with the purpose of being used in all types of clothing that after being made is subjected to the dyeing process. It is therefore an excellent alternative to the traditional 100% Cotton, which has a very similar behavior in dyeing, but with a great advantage when used especially in fabrics with elasthane and lycra, thus avoiding bursting problems in production

Ecofil ®

The Ecofil® brand consists of a range of 100% Polyester threads, obtained by spinning staple fiber, with excellent characteristics in terms of regularity and uniformity of title, as a result of a careful spinning process. The Ecofil® lines are a product of excellent quality in its line class, advantages given to them by the uniformity of the line and the line’s twist, good resistance

Denimfil ® Eco

Denimfil® Eco is a line of high quality LT polyester produced from a recycled polymer of plastic bottle flakes (PET – polyethylene terephthalate). The main advantage lies in the reuse of thousands of plastic bottles existing around the world that are a problem for the environment because they are not biodegradable. The lower consumption of energy for its production also significantly reduces CO2 emissions,

Denimfil ®

The DENIMFIL line is produced using LT Polyester fibers of the best quality. Since this fiber quality is the softest within the polyester fiber segment, it provides excellent softness to the touch as well as greater lubricant absorption during its finishing process.

Celofil ®

Made of 100% cellulose wood pulp, this thread was developed especially to be used in all types of post dyed garments. It’s an excellent alternative to 100% cotton, with a similar behaviour when dyeing but with huge advantages when used in elastane and lycra fabrics even in garments with very aggressive washing and finishing when the resistance and elasticity are very important. Developed especially