Durifil ®

Core Spun Polyester / Cotton

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It is a high quality mixed Corespun line with excellent cost / benefit, where a core of high tenacity continuous polyester filaments with a coating made of long cotton fibers is used, which provide excellent resistance together with a good slip in the needle .


  • Greater toughness.
  • Greater resistance due to its polyester core, while the cotton cover protects the Polyester core from contact with the needle steel, thus guaranteeing good results in all sewing processes and great profitability on high speed machines.
  • Special lubrication provides greater smoothness and slip during the entire sewing process.
  • It offers excellent results in “irregular” washing, as it is widely used in Denim.
  • Good productive profitability when compared to sewing threads made of discontinuous fibers.

Tech sheet – Durifil EN