At Crafil we constantly work to minimize the effects of our activity on the environment, seeking to reduce our carbon footprint, especially through our manufacturing processes. The use of recycled materials in the production process of our lines is the watchword, in this way all cones are produced from recycled plastic as well as cartons that are produced from recycled cardboard with the possibility of being recycled again.

Over the years we have sought to invest in using fewer resources, as well as reducing our dependence on fossil energies. Therefore, most of the energy we use today comes from renewable resources.

We have also made a constant effort to increasingly use as little water as possible and to reduce waste in the production process.

We constantly invest in innovation and research so that our products are increasingly sustainable, offering our customers a range of environmentally friendly products produced by ex. from recycled polymers from plastic bottle flakes, products made from cellulosic fibers that are completely biodegradable and compostable, as well as products produced in Polyester or Polyamides, which are also biodegradable.

Sustainability is rooted in our own DNA. It is part of everything we are, everything we do and everything we’ve been striving to build. Our decisions and actions are concentrated in areas where we can make a valuable contribution, such as water management, energy management, waste reduction and development of sustainable products.
For each line we produce, we paint the world a little more green!