Crafil markets yarns for the production of quality textiles and has been present in Tunisia since 2006, a market that has been growing steadily, regardless of instability in the region.

Crafil – Fios Têxteis e Cordas, Lda started its commercial activity in 2004, in Ria de Ave (Famalicão), having been encouraged from an early age to find foreign markets such as Tunisia and Morocco since Crafil’s main customer started hire and place most of your production lines in these countries.

The company sells cotton and polyester yarns and threads for textile production and its speed and efficiency in responding to customers are key factors for the company’s success and place Crafil in the leadership of the confectionery line distributors in Portugal . Crafil also values ​​the development of partnerships with its main customers.

Having been present in Tunisia since 2006, Crafil exports mainly yarns to 100% polyester strings. According to a Crafil source, the company expects to earn revenue of 500,000 euros in 2014, representing 30% of total revenue. With regard to its investment in the Tunisian market, the company closely follows the evolution of the political situation, such as the approval of a new constitution. This led the company to adopt a prudent attitude when developing a strategy for the future.

“In order to be competitive, we are forced to invest a lot in inventories so that we can offer the same speed as our competitors. However, given the instability, having high inventories is high risk,” says the same source.

Despite the success achieved in the Tunisian market, Crafil has faced some difficulties in relation to the banking and justice systems, which are slow, and in the customs services that the company considers complex and bureaucratic.

“We advise companies with the desire to invest in this market to be cautious as the region’s instability (Libya, Iraq and others) can easily spread to Tunisia”, concludes the same source.