Super Durifil ®

It is a premium Corespun line that combines a core of high tenacity polyester filaments with cotton fibers. This line was specially built with the purpose of being used in all types of clothing that is submitted to the dyeing process. In this type of clothing it was normal to use a traditional 100% cotton […]

Extra Cotton

Extra Cotton was developed with the purpose of being used in all types of clothing that after being made is subjected to the dyeing process. It is therefore an excellent alternative to the traditional 100% Cotton, which has a very similar behavior in dyeing, but with a great advantage when used especially in fabrics with […]

Denimfil ®

The DENIMFIL line is produced using LT Polyester fibers of the best quality. Since this fiber quality is the softest within the polyester fiber segment, it provides excellent softness to the touch as well as greater lubricant absorption during its finishing process.

Celofil ®

Made of 100% cellulose wood pulp, this thread was developed especially to be used in all types of post dyed garments. It’s an excellent alternative to 100% cotton, with a similar behaviour when dyeing but with huge advantages when used in elastane and lycra fabrics even in garments with very aggressive washing and finishing when […]