Extra Cotton


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Extra Cotton was developed with the purpose of being used in all types of clothing that after being made is subjected to the dyeing process. It is therefore an excellent alternative to the traditional 100% Cotton, which has a very similar behavior in dyeing, but with a great advantage when used especially in fabrics with elasthane and lycra, thus avoiding bursting problems in production and reducing the number of arrangements in the post dyeing.


  • With this combination of fibers we are able to combine the elongation and elasticity on the part of the “Ly” fiber with the excellent degree of sliding as the “Co” fiber is known.
  • Excellent result in all sewing processes, especially in high speed machines.
  • Good resistance to breakage.
  • Greater elasticity when compared to the traditional “Cotton” lines.
  • Ideal for fabrics with Elasthane and Lycra.

For technical information, please contact us via the following email: crafil@crafil.pt