A Thread of Innovation

What if someone told you that your jeans were sewed with a thread obtained from cellulose, the same raw material that originates paper. Would that be innovation?

Vítor Alves believed that he could do something different in the thread industry to stand out in a ferociously competitive market. After transforming his company into a laboratory of ideas and experiments and having “wasted a lot of thread in tests and rehearsals, a magic potion was created for the Celofil thread from Crafil”, reveals the administrator.
The innovation click appeared three years ago given the market imposition due to the scarcity which made the cotton price escalate. Cotton was the raw material used in almost all Crafil products. “Threads costing 2 euros are now costing 5 euros. In addition, there was not enough material to answer all the demands of our clients”, reveals Vítor Alves.
The administrator took this moment to sew a new strategy for his company which included the Celofil. 100% produced with cellulose extracted from wood pulp, this thread was conceived for all types of clothing which are submitted to dyeing after production. The main advantages reside in its incomparable resistance and elasticity to other cellulosic fibres like the 100% cotton.
This thread, especially created for the jeanswear industry is also ideal to be used during the making as it avoids problems of blasting during production, minimizing the number of post-dyeing arrangements. The entrepreneurship and the love for innovation are part of Vítor Alves’ DNA, a former commercial who became an entrepreneur in 2004 and has seen Crafil grow ever since, mainly in the foreign market, conquering markets in Tunisia, where he now has a company, and in Morocco. With Celofil, the company sales increased exponentially 46% and the revenue is now above 1.5 million euros.
Although the business didn´t grow more than 10% in 2014, the administrator continues to rely on differentiation. Recently, he presented two new threads which have caused a very positive reaction in the Maroc in Mode salon in Casablanca. Durifil, a corespun thread of high quality, produced with a mixture of cotton/polyester that can conjugate the resistance and lengthening of a corespun thread and the excellent sliding of a 100% cotton thread. Starpoly Mix, a polyester/cotton thread which can change colour depending on the light intensity, thanks to its photochromatic characteristics. “Imagine yourself in a club and the threads in your jeans become fluorescent”, dares the administrator of Crafil.